I’m off to University!

Hi Everyone! This is just a quick post, but one that I have been excited to write. I have had one of the most stressful and relieving weeks of my life! I was so nervous to receive my Alevel results and even though I wasn't overly pleased with my grades, I was still accepted to the … Continue reading I’m off to University!

My sunglasses collection

Hello everyone! For today's post I thought I would share my collection of sunglasses. Admittedly, I find myself having to buy a new pair often, either because I accidentally break them or I get bored of the way they look. My recent addition is a pair of pink sunglasses that match my new pink hair... … Continue reading My sunglasses collection

Bang-a-bonking and the Countryside

Hello everyone! This week has been full of not being able to sleep, listening to podcasts and walking around Hambleton Peninsula with my friends. Clearly, these things are not related at all and random, but felt like posting about them anyways. Not being able to sleep is most likely due to nerves of exam results … Continue reading Bang-a-bonking and the Countryside

I have pink hair now!

Hi everyone! I am back and finally free of A Levels yayyyy!! Now I am just waiting for my exam results on August 15th (which I am terrified for), but until then, I have loads of time spare, which I thought I would spend reviving my blog. Hopefully you all understand that through my exams … Continue reading I have pink hair now!

London and Mamma Mia!

Hellooo everyone, it's me again with the second London blog I promised. I took my friend Emily to London and to see Mamma Mia for her birthday and it was such a nice day!! The weather was nice, we had amazinggggg food at by Chloe (which was all vegan) and we obviously saw Mamma Mia! We … Continue reading London and Mamma Mia!

Extinction Rebellion – my experience

Hello everyone! I officially have 14 days left of school before exams start and I thought I would do my 1st out of two blog posts about my trip to London. My first post though is about how my friend Emily and I accidentally found ourselves on Waterloo bridge where a protests was taking place … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion – my experience