#1 The Underrated and Understudied novels. ‘Her Benny’ by Silas Hocking.

Hello Everyone. I thought it was time I made a return to my blog and I've decided to start off with a completely fresh idea where I attempt to share novels I believe to be underrated and/or understudied. Over summer, I finally visited my Grandma who wanted me to read the eighteenth century novel Her … Continue reading  #1 The Underrated and Understudied novels. ‘Her Benny’ by Silas Hocking.

My Recent Reads

Hello Everybody! As you can tell from the title, today I am going to tell you about the books I have read and currently reading. Unlike my previous 'recently read' posts, this one involves my first audiobooks! Yippee!   Emma - Jane Austen I will start off with my first audiobook! Since I do an English degree, … Continue reading My Recent Reads

Normal People

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to write about the book/programme called Normal People written by Sally Rooney. Personally, this novel has made me learn that love in some cases is simply just a defining relationship with someone in your life and allows us to understand love outside the idea of 'eternity'. I personally struggle to accept … Continue reading Normal People

Extinction Rebellion – my experience

Hello everyone! I officially have 14 days left of school before exams start and I thought I would do my 1st out of two blog posts about my trip to London. My first post though is about how my friend Emily and I accidentally found ourselves on Waterloo bridge where a protests was taking place … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion – my experience